Cheese cultures, coagulants, waxes, reagents and ingredients for cheese and yogurt makers

Business as usual! Even in these trying times, we’re still providing yogurt and cheese cultures and related yogurt and cheese making supplies to our customers.

OVF has acted quickly to introduce seamless remote working to ensure we continue to provide all the services to support our customers.  With physical segregation of production, warehousing and administration teams to protect our people, reduce risk and strengthen business continuity.

So to our customers we look the same, but behind the scenes we have just opened many new OVFG offices!


For cheese makers and yogurt makers looking for a broad range of starter cultures as well as coagulants, coatings and waxes, dairy reagents and other ingredients, Orchard Valley Dairy Supplies offers the products as well as outstanding technical support and highly-praised customer service.

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Product Description changes related to YO-MIX® and CHOOZIT® starter cultures

This is to inform you that DuPont Nutrition & Health is in the process of changing the Product Descriptions of the YO-MIX® starter cultures produced in Sassenage (France) and Madison (USA) and the CHOOZIT® starter cultures made in Sassenage (France). The changed Product Descriptions will be available on 01 September 2018.

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