Cultures for Monterey Jack

A typical recipe for Monterey Jack would use RA cultures.  For faster maturation an LH adjunct could be added as well.  Monterey Jack is not typically waxed, but there is no reason not to.

RA Acidifying

The RA Choozit acidifying starter cultures range offers mesophilic / thermophilic culture combinations for cheddar and UK territorial cheese types. RA 21, RA 22, RA 24, RA 26 are bacteriophage alternatives. RA can be combined with flavour adjunct strains for additional flavour.

Name Info Pack Size Price Min Order Quantity
RA 21 LYO More info50 DCU£14.92-
RA 21 LYO More info125 DCU£16.82-
RA 22 LYO More info50 DCU£14.92-
RA 22 LYO More info125 DCU£16.82-
RA 24 LYO More info50 DCU£14.9250
RA 24 LYO More info125 DCU£16.82-
OV24 LYO single dose (from RA24) More info100 litre dose£6.3910
OV24 LYO single dose (from RA24) More info400 litre dose£9.6310
RA 26 LYO More info50 DCU£14.9250
RA 26 LYO More info125 DCU£16.82-
OV26 LYO single dose (from RA26) More info100 litre dose£6.3910
OV26 LYO single dose (from RA26) More info400 litre dose£9.6310