Cultures for Cheshire

To product Cheshire cheese, a typical recipe would use MA cultures.

MA Acidifying

Freeze dried culture for the direct inoculation of milk. MA cultures contain acidifying strains making them suitable for a range of cheese types and other fermented dairy products.

MA 4001/2 also contain flavour and gas producing strains.

Name Info Pack Size Price Min Order Quantity
MA 11 LYO More info125 DCU£15.8350
MA 14 LYO More info50 DCU£14.491
MA 14 LYO More info125 DCU£15.835
MA 16 LYO More info125 DCU£15.83-
OV16 LYO single dose (from MA16) More info100 litre dose£6.2010
OV16 LYO single dose (from MA16) More info400 litre dose£9.3510
MA 19 LYO More info125 DCU£15.8350
MA 4001 LYO More info5 DCU£7.59-
MA 4001 LYO More info25 DCU£21.05-
MA 4002 LYO More info5 DCU£7.59-
MA 4002 LYO More info25 DCU£21.05-