Viplast cheese coating from Orchard Valley Dairy Supplies


Prices per kg, sold in 25kg drums
Quantity Price
From 1 to 25 units £4.07
From 26 to 50 units £3.96
From 51 to 225 units £3.86
From 226 to 975 units £3.81
From 976 to 1975 units £3.76

Product Info

Specific description

Plastic coating for cured cheeses.  Specially formulated coating for application by hand or machine process on the cheeses.  Does not penetrate into the product, forming on its surface a highly cohesive layer which regulates the drying of the cheese and at the same time it preserves it from external contaminating agents.


Vinyl acetate copolymer in water dispersion.


25kg drums.


6 months between 10 and 25°C.